Since 2006 we have been helping to digitise the UK's built environment. Our mission is simple...

Enable the effective use of information and collaborative working on construction projects, but in a secure way, balancing the need to share and collaborate with the need to know and protect.

We have developed an information modelling security service for the lifecycle of a construction project which reflects our mission - collaborate, share and protect.

Client Brief

We will help you to identify sensitive assets and communicate your needs to your supply chain.

With some key informtion and context about your organisation we can quickly develop a set of security information requiremetns for your built assets ready to communicate to design teams, contractors and FM providers providing assurance that you protecting your information.


We will advise on what to include in your information models and what to keep separate as you progress through the design stages of a project.

You need to think about information you are producing, how it is shared, potential risk and how to mitigate those risks. Little things can make a big difference.

We can help you with that. We can also provide model audits to identify threats plus provide training to team members to avoid future issues.


We will help you manage your supply chain information models as they become more data rich, ensuring security protocols are in place and the construction team are managing information securle, protecting both you and your client.

Consideration on how information is distrubuted through the tiers of suppliers, how it is stored, disposed...etc. and how critical asset information and systems are captured presents a big risk to security.

Let us help you get it right.

Operate & Maintain

Smart asset management? digital operational landscapes? BIM in operations, these all present amazing opportunity, but also risk.

We can help you protect your asset information throughout the operational phases, but also help to realise benefits with new technologies, in a secure way of course.

Want to know more...? Contact us at and an advisor will get in touch.